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If you need nice thick commercial windows designed to keep the sun out! Very energy efficient windows for a remodel, new construction or special project you can save a lot of money. Our lender says for us to wholesale to get them off the books! They retail for over $1500.00 each. EACH PRICE IS $384.00 We have several sizes available below. Width sizes include 19"/ 35.5" W/39.5 W/40.75"W/4...
Discount Cedar (281)-852-8453 http://cedarposts.webstarts.com/ ship anywhere in the country Cedar Posts' natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage make them an excellent choice for your farm and ranch fencing needs. Sizes: 5-6 inches wide by 7ft long Rough, bark-on Cedar Approx 5" in diameter graded for straightness Great for Fence Post Naturally Insect Resis...
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